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Whilst walking around my garden I was happy to see the frogs were back again for another year, if a little earlier. It has really inspired me and I have some great ideas for future pieces and can't wait to start!


Over the year I have spent many hours wondering different parts of Cornwall, collecting inspiration for my artwork. From Cadsonbury Wood to the stunning view at the top of it's Fort, the tors and valleys of Bodmin moor, to the depths of the gorges. There are some beautiful walks on offer, if you can find the energy to walk up the tors, keeping an eye out for the bogs!!!

When I find a stunning view or an inspirational piece, I pause, sketch and design, before leaving I take a quick photo and jot down notes on colour. Over the last week I have being making small landscape works and have so far completed four. I started by looking at my sketches, notes and photos using these to design the final piece. I fabric paint  each design, taking into consideration the machine embroidering that would be worked on top, it is so important not to add to much detail at this point, so that the piece does not become too fussy. After painting I let the dyes dry naturally and then carefully machine...


Busy Bees has found a new home in the New Forest, it's boxed and ready to go!!!


After weeks of planning, working through, sketching, sampling and making, I have finally finished 'Busy Bees' a foxglove piece with bumble bees busy at work and feeding from the flowers. I am really happy with the finished piece, though I can say for sure that I will never make another textile, three dimensional foxglove again! I have been wanting to make one for a year, but couldn't quite work out how to make one just like the real flower. One night whilst trying to go to sleep I worked it out, finally... the next morning I started making the flowers. Oh what a nightmare!!! making numerous fiddly flowers, so time consuming.


After adding 'The Hawk Eyed Moth' to my Etsy shop it sold with in a couple of hours!


A few months ago I created 'The Dark Knight and The Hawk Eyed Moth', I received some great feedback and have since decided to create the moth as a sculpture 'The Hawk Eyed Moth'. 

Available to buy on website along with more photos. (http://www.nsltextileart.co.uk/#!a-hawk-eyed-moth/cdtr)

I have often found inspiration in the depths of my garden and the surrounding countryside. I am lucky to have a wide variety of insects and animals, one of which is the Hawk Eyed Moth, an unusually large moth for the UK. Often found in the evenings feasting on the nectar, if a bat swooped past, the moth spreads its wing revealing the bright eyes on its wings scaring the bat off. I have captured this moment in time by creating this three dimensional textile sculpture of the moth spreading it's wings.

I have made this moth to life size measurements 8cm wide X 7.5cm long X 2cm high. It is made using cotton, organza, embroidery threads, cord and wire. The underneath is signed like all my pieces of w...


Today was my first day in the Ebenezer Gallery in Polperro, I was looking forward to seeing  the large range of artwork on display, including my six pieces. Though after ten minutes  and making a sale, I heard a huge bang. Rubble fell from the ceiling and the whole gallery shook.

Not sure what had just happened, the couple who had brought a piece said they saw a tree or boulder fall from the bank onto the gallery. Scary or what! Luckily none of the artwork was damaged and nobody was hurt but there was some considerable damage to the old church. The police arrived who confirmed that a 3 foot boulder had fall from above, being unsure whether more would follow, we had to close the gallery.

I hope that the gallery will be reopened for the Easter exhibition!

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