The River Tamer is full of life and is one of my favourite places to visit, as I always see something new. Whist kayaking along the river I saw movement at the water's edge. As I drifted with the current, I floated towards what I could now see were waters voles. They seemed to be half floating on the water, but on closer inspection they were on mounds poking up above the water. One vole stretched up to pick a blackberry as the other sat eating.

A number of techniques and mediums were used in the creation of this piece. The background is fabric painted and embroidered, the water voles, earth, leaves and blackberries was achieved through quilting, appliqué, painting, embroidery and beading.


June and July is the prime time in the year to see fox cubs playing, as they come out of their dens and learn their new life skills. Inspired by this I created this piece capturing the character of a pair of  fox cubs, as they clamber around the forest floor, squashing ferns in their game of rough and tumble.

A number of techniques and mediums were used in the creation of this piece. The background is fabric painted, embroidered and corded, the fox cub and fers were achieved through quilting, appliqué, painting and embroidery.


Finished 'Rough and Tumble' today, attaching the last of my ferns...


Finally finished my second fox cub today and hope to finish the piece before the weekend!!!


I have been working on a pair of fox cubs for a few weeks and have just finished the smaller of the two. I really feel like I have captured it's character, but my hands are hurting and the second one is larger!!!


A pair of buzzards are nesting at the bottom of my garden, unfortunately I can't get to see the nest, but here are two photos of the buzzards.


Been making fern leaves for what seems like days, and have finally got round to putting them together. I must of made hundreds of them!!!


Just a quick photo of a painted background, of a piece I have been working on for the last few days. I have been planning this piece for months as it is quite large and will have the largest creature I have done so far on it. The background on it's own has taken days to paint...


The swallows have finished making their nest and are now sitting on their eggs, it won't be long and I might be able to their young.


Went to Hanson's fabric store in Sturminster Newton today making the most of their 20% sale, take a look at my goodies!!!

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