Great news my work is now being exhibited in Cotehele Gallery part of Cotehele House (National Trust). I'm so proud to have my work exhibited in such a lovely gallery in a wonderful location.


It is highly uncommon for dormice to be seen during the day, as they are nocturnal. Though on rare occasions, they have been seen during the day, as Andrea Zampatti (wildlife photographer) captured on one of his magnificent photos. Where a dormouse was caught by surprise when the pollen from Yarrow flowers makes it sneeze, giving it a vivid expression of laughter. Inspired by this I created this piece, as it brings joy and a smile to my face every time I see it.   


 After the first coat, I have started to build up the layers with my dyes and fabric paints. It is starting to come together and look more like my design. 


Started a new piece today after a couple of days planning and designing, here is a photo of a quick sketch of the finished idea and me starting to paint in the background.


'Rough and Tumble' is finally framed and is now up for sale on my website after nearly four weeks sourcing a frame and having it made. It is finally all together and looking good!!!


A Common Frog is swimming underwater when it catches sight of  a dragonfly, who sits happily resting on a lily pad. Feeling a little peckish and unable to swim directly up to the dragonfly the frog pulls itself up onto a lily pad, hoping to surprise the dragonfly. This textile sculpture captures this moment as the frog dangles half in and half out the water, designed to embrace the fluidity of the water without its appearance. Creating a silhouette sculpture with all the colour and detail.

The sculpture measures 31cm height and 20.5cm width and a depth of 15.5cm, which sits on a wooden base measuring 5cm height, and a diameter of 15.5cm.


Just seen this strange bird in the cow field next to where I live. After looking through my 'Bird of Britain Guide' and not finding it, I hit the internet to find it's a female 'Brown Headed Cowbird'!!! Not British at all but from the USA and Mexico, shes a long way from home...


It's been years since I've done any wood work or turning, but I was in need of base for more one of my  frog sculptures. I have spent weeks trying to find what I had in mind to the right scale and look, but after no luck, it was time to borrow so wood working tools from an artist friend. After spending today turning a base, I pleased with the out come after feeling a little rusty, I started to get back it to the flow of things. 


The River Tamer is full of life and is one of my favourite places to visit, as I always see something new. Whilst taking a walk along side the river and admiring the reeds in the wind. Below I noticed a split in the reed, they are normally empty but on this lucky occasion a small water was sat eating its way though a pile of leafs.


First sight of the new born swallows!!!

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