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Dropped off some new work to Cotehele Gallery ready for their new exhibition 'Home From Home', which is your favorite?


Cotehele Gallery (National Trust) will reopen on 11th February for its next exhibition 'Home from Home', be sure to pop along!


Deep in a pine forest in the midst of Bodmin, a Goldcrest family have made their home. A pair of Goldcrest has thickly woven their nest from moss, small twigs, cobwebs and lichen in a pine tree, ready for their family. Fast forward twenty days and two young kinglets have grown. They sit outside the nest to cool down on a warm, sunny day. As the mother flies in with his beak full of treats, one of the kinglet sit calling with its mouth open wide desperate for food. The other sits unamused by it sibling having taken all the food previously.

(The Goldcrest is also known as 'King Of The Birds' because of its bright caps on their heads.)

A number of techniques and mediums were used in the creation of this piece including fabric painting, embroidery and quilting. These techniques create the different textures from the soft warm feather of the Goldcrests to the delicate leaves of the pine.

To check this piece out in more detail follow the link www.nsltextileart.co.uk/kingofthebirds


Wild Boar became extinct in Britain over 4oo years ago through habitat loss and extensive hunting. Since the early 1990s escaped or deliberately released farmed Wild Boar have re-established themselves in the wild in the South West. With no natural predator there were concerns over the population in the area as they soon made their presence known by rooting up farmland, woodlands, grass verges, as well as mating with domestic pigs and the occasional confrontation with domestic dogs, walkers and ramblers.

They soon gained the classification of a dangerous wild animal, a category that also includes Tasmanian devils, death adders and Brazilian wolf spiders. I can't help feeling that this is extreme as the Wild Boar is nocturnal and has become very shy in nature after being poached to near extinction. Like most animals, only when scared, or their young threatened, will they retaliate. Most animals given space will avoid conflict. Having wild animals teaches us both empathy and resp...


Rambled to the top of Sheepstor yesterday, definitely very inspiring with its amazing views over both moorland and the small villages of Devon.


There are many things I love about the River Tamar from it lush green banks where many creatures make their homes, to the tranquillity of the smooth rippling water, one can easily lose oneself in its beauty. However, this can become quickly disturbed by the loud sound of a large splash. At first, you are unsure what quite happened, then not long afterwards it happens again. The noise was made by a Rainbow Trout with its distinct salmon pink stripe. You sit in anticipation waiting for the dramatic flick of the Trout as it jumps out the river, sending cold water high into the air. One can feel quite sorry for the elegant Mayfly at the other end, but the Trout isn't alway successful!

A number of techniques and mediums were used in the creation of this piece including fabric painting, sheer work, embroidery and quilting. These techniques create the different textures from the wet scales of the Trout to the delicate wings of the Mayfly.

To check this piece out in more detail follow...


Here I am still sewing away on my Rainbow Trout! The piece is defiantly coming together, the trout was tricky to recreate in fabric as you only see the trout for split seconds before it lands back in the water.  But I am defiantly really pleased with the effect I have created with all its scales and twisted body.


Painted the background to my Rainbow Trout design today, I had quite forgotten how difficult it was to recreate water but, soon got back into the flow of things!


The start of a new project today. It's been a while since I last created a piece of art inspired by fish, but found myself being drawn towards memories of Trout jumping in the River Tamar. So after some sketching I've come up with this design of a Rainbow Trout jumping out the water to catch a Mayfly.


Now the holiday season is over I can reveal my favourite Christmas commission, of a Brown Long-eared Bat swooping down towards a Hummingbird Moth who is feeding from a wild honeysuckle flower, as the sunset behind them.

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