©2019 created by Nicole Lupton (copyright includes all artwork, photos and text)

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The background is finally embroidered and doesn't my hand now it!!!


Here I am embroidering the view, still lots to go!


Just finished painting the background of a new piece inspired by the view on the very top of Sheepstor on Dartmoor.


I have never had any problems finding inspiration whilst living in Cornwall, it seems like everywhere I look or go inspiration is rife. To the extent that I have sketchbooks filled with designs, sketches and notes, all ready for me to turn into textile art.

I truly believe that my best works are those evoked through memories and from real experiences that I integrate into my art and bring back to my studio to work from. For me working from my observations allows me to integrate all of nature's details, the individual characters of creatures and their movements, making each piece of art truly unique. Even though I have sketchbooks full I still love venturing outside whether it be on the wild, untouched moors or the just outside my back door. Wildlife is everywhere if you create a home for it, from the smallest insect hiding in the warmth of the long grass, to our feathered friends that dominate the skies.  I will go to any lengths to find inspiration, which often finds me in s...


A few finishing pieces to go but the main body of the piece is finished and should be finished and ready to buy on Monday. I will be glad not to see any fish for a while!!!


Having already started these over the weekend I spent today finishing the pilchards and attaching them to my background. 


The Pilchards are getting closer so are getting larger with more detailing. It is surprising how long it has taken to paint these few! Though I should be able to move onto the embroidered fish tomorrow.


Spent today painting all these distant Pilchards spiraling up towards the sun that has hit the surface of the sea, reflecting its bright light through to the deep. 


Today I started a new piece inspired by the Cornish sea around me, after some quick sketching of designs and ideas  I have finalised my design to a shoal of Pilchards. A very Cornish Fish! 

Here is a photo of the first stage of the painted background which I have just finished.


Completed 'Not Again!'

A young pup seal happily sits basking in the warmth of the midday sun, listening to the gentle sound of surf hitting the sandy shore. To its dismay, it feels the touch of the fresh, cold spring tide caressing its back. Too lazy and too comfortable to move it decides that perhaps the tide has reached its height and will gently flow back. Then suddenly, a periodic wave comes crashing over its head, soaking the poor the pup, its face says it all!

To see more details follow this link www.nsltextileart.co.uk/notagain!


One of the last stages sewing on all the manipulated fabric to the back fabric to create the wave effect. Then it just the whiskers on the seal pup and the finishing touches.


Cut away at the waves and manipulating to stop it fraying, it also add extra detailing like the ripples in water.


Here I am working on the wave that is crashing over the pups head.


Spent the last few days embroidery a pup seal, I just love his expression! Here he is quilted onto my fabric painted background.


Here I am experimenting with manipulating fabric to recreate the surface of a wave, for my new pup seal design.

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