©2019 created by Nicole Lupton (copyright includes all artwork, photos and text)

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The Ebenezer Gallery in Polperro is holding a preview evening on Friday 28th April from 7-9pm to start their new summer exhibition. I will be exhibiting with them so if you get a chance pop along and see the amazing art of over 60 artists.


'Spring In Their Step' SOLD
With Spring in their step, this pair of Red Foxes happily run together down a well-trodden track, that is arched by the long, fresh grass of spring. For more details follow the link: https://www.nsltextileart.co.uk/springintheirstep


A lot of stitching to sew in all my grass, watch out on Monday to see the finished piece!


After quilting the pair of foxes, I moved onto painting the background ready for my three-dimensional work on top.


His partner in crime complete!!!


A piece I had been meaning to do for a while, I finally got round to doing! Here is one of a pair of foxes...


A pair of Wrens have deiced to build their nest on top of last years swallows nest. It's a whole new meaning to semi-detached!!!


Great news on the 12th June to 25th June 2017 I will be holding a solo exhibition in the Ebenezer Gallery in Polperro called 'Wildlife In Thread'. Hope to see you there!


'Beneath The Surface' Finished and SOLD.
A hungry Otter sits peacefully at the side of a river bank anticipating what today's catch will instal. A ripple appears on the surface of the water and within seconds the Otter dives into the river. In doing so a flurry of the action unfolds, the Salmon disperse in a frantic panic to avoid the grasp of the Otter. While the agile Otter has launched its sight onto one specific Salmon, flipping its body around and swimming as hard as possible to get its meal. The Otters naturally water resistant coat has trapped many bubbles in its fur, as the light is reflected from the surface above, the Otters fur is given a display of silver bubbles and rippling light. With the Otters struggle to catch the fish, the many bubbles that were trapped are now released rapidly into the current. For more info check it out on my website at www.nsltextileart.co.uk/beneaththesurface


Having finished painting the bubbles, I've moved onto painting the background Salmon escaping the Otter.


The Otters naturally water resistant coat traps many bubbles in its fur, as they swim the bubbles are released into the water.


The main Salmon embroidered, the rest will be painted!


My completed Otter embroidery, now on to the salmon...


After painting the background, I've moved onto embroidering the otter.


Here is a photo of a design for a new piece, a river otter swimming after a salmon.

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