©2019 created by Nicole Lupton (copyright includes all artwork, photos and text)

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After the second day of painting this background, you can start to see the thicket and forest beyond with its clearing in front.


With June fastly approaching it will soon be that time of the year where Fallow Deer are born. A time of year I used to love when living in the New Forest, which is the inspiration for my next piece.


'The Perfect Spot' is complete and now for available to purchase at www.nsltextileart.co.uk/theperfectspot where you can also check out more details about the piece.


What do you find in unused farmland with long grass? Barn Owls! Here is the first part of my owl complete, after the weekend I will have finished the embroidery and quilting to show you the finished piece.


For the entrance to the footpath, an old weather-beaten farm gate with rust and all!!!


There is no let up with my solo exhibition fastly approaching so it straight on to my next piece. This is what I have got so far...


'Into The Misty Dawn' is complete and now for available to purchase at www.nsltextileart.co.uk/intothemistydawn where you can also check out more details about the piece.


Spent today quilting attaching my tree trunk to my embroidered landscape.


Finished quilting the tree trunk for my bat to cling on to...


For all my Batty friends, I thought you might enjoy this Brown Long-Eared Bat!!!


After a long Friday and weekend, I have finally finished embroidering my landscape!!!


My next piece is high up in the trees looking over the English countryside and woodland below, so to start I've painted the landscape ready for me to embroider tomorrow.


Art is one of the best ways to express yourself, it is a great talking point and will make any home feel more cosy and welcoming. But how do you choose the right art for your home? Here five top tips to get you started!

1: Putting art in the right place it can make all the difference. It can accentuate the height or length of the wall making the room feel larger. If you have a long horizontal wall choose a long horizontal piece or collection of smaller pieces. If you have a narrow vertical spot, choose a narrow piece that fills the space.

2: By placing art on the most visible and important wall in a room it can make a bigger impact. The art you bring into your home is important to you so give it room to shine. Above a mantle is a great place as your eye is drawn to it and it is often one of the first areas you notice in a room.

3: Don’t be afraid to use the entire wall! Many people think that it can be overwhelming, but done right it makes a great talking point with guests an...

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