©2019 created by Nicole Lupton (copyright includes all artwork, photos and text)

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The woodland floor has been carpeted with a sea of bluebells, setting the woodland alight with the glow of purple as the evening begins to set in. A young badger has ventured out of its sett to explore the surrounding woodland, to the Badgers inconvenience it has an itchy spot behind it ear. It sits amongst the bluebells squishing them in the process and has a good itch, ah 'That's The Spot'!
To see more detail of this piece follow the link https://www.nsltextileart.co.uk/thatsthespot


'Afternoon Kip' is available to purchase at https://www.nsltextileart.co.uk/afternoonkip With the warm weather we are having at the moment we could all do with an afternoon kip!!!
After a morning of swimming lessons, these three otter pups huddle together on the river bank surrounded by clover and grass for an afternoon kip. Tired from the morning events one has already drifted off to sleep in the warmth of the afternoon sun. Another was drifting off when its sibling interrupted him with a loud yawn!


The last close up of my artist corner packed with art!


 Hanging up my latest work a badger in a bluebell wood along with my latest fawn piece!


My Brown Long-Eared Bat piece is finally coming together, with the addition of some ivy growing up the trunk.


Some of my latest work being exhibited in the Ebenezer Gallery in Polperro for my two-week artist corner.


Part of my exhibition 'Wildlife In Thread'!!!


I was busy setting up my artist corner 'Wildlife in Thread' at the Ebenezer Gallery in Polperro today, with over 30 pieces of art it took a while to get just right!!! It will be there for the next two weeks so pop along and see what you think.


Finished 'A Fawn's First Stand', it will be available to buy at Ebenezer Gallery in Polperro on Monday from 10am. This begins a two-week artist corner where I will be exhibiting over 30 pieces of art. If you get a chance, pop along!!!


Hart's Tongue Fern completed, a few more finishing touches and the piece will be finished.


Both mother and newly born fawn are now finished, on to the fern!


Nicole Lupton’ takes pride of place in our artists corner from the 12th June and will be doing some demonstarting. Her textile work has its own unique style. She uses a mixture of techniques and mediums including fabric painting, hand and machine embroidery, quilting, applique, beading, knitting, shibori, and a wide range of textile techniques and methods, used within creating three-dimensional textiles.
Nicole is inspired by the Cornish countryside, overseeing with a keen eye mother nature at her finest, photographing and sketching the characteristics of all kinds of creatures. From the smallest insect hiding in the warmth of the long grass, to the vast landscapes that cover the horizon. There images, textures and colours are translated into exquisite textile art. Do come and see this highly original exhibition in the Ebenezer Gallery, Polperro in the Artist’s Corner from 12th - 25th June.


Half the mother Fallow Deer embroidered the other half go...


Completed my newly born fawn, standing up for the time!!!

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