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In the name of progress, we remove trees and vegetation, change how we use land, and keep increasing paved areas. All these not only affect the soil ecology, but also the water balance. Increased urbanization also requires more water to feed the city's population and industry, often requiring deeper and deeper wells to be drilled or water to be moved from even more distant locations. Such problems have escalated over recent years with unprecedented population growth and urbanisation since 1920, resulting in increased human impacts not only on individual species but also on whole ecosystems.

A prime example of the lose and notable decrease of population is insect species, which have a major effect on natures ecosystem. Studies have found that the flying insect's population has plunged by 75% in 25 years in UK rivers alone. Mayflies are a good example as they are very sensitive to pollution and are a good indicator of the quality of our rivers and lakes. The populations of mayfli...

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