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After a long Friday and weekend, I have finally finished embroidering my landscape!!!


My next piece is high up in the trees looking over the English countryside and woodland below, so to start I've painted the landscape ready for me to embroider tomorrow.


After painting the background I moved on the appliqueing the reeds and adding extra detailing to them.


Inspired by the frogs in my pond, I decided to do a piece based on them. Having embroidered and quilted the frog here I am painting part of the background.


Finding inspiration in my garden led me to these dark purple almost black hellebores. I have decided to make them into my own textiles sculpture, here's what I have got so far.


Hurrah 'Hungry Little Egrets' is completed!!!

I am utterly in love with this piece, it will be hard to part from it. It has been one of the most challenging pieces to create, but I hope you agree with me that is was well worth it!  


Here I am still building the nest, it defiantly getting there and should be completed tomorrow. So watch out for the finished photo. 


Now all my Little Egrets are completed, I've moved to make their nest. It is a nice break from all that embroidering though equally complicated. I deiced on a mixer of three dimensional work and applique to achieve the roundness of their nest and shadowing, creating the feeling of distance and close up. 


Just finished embroidering and quilting the male Little Egret, he has finally joined the rest of the family! Having finished all seven egrets I will move on to building their nest.


One mother Little Egret completed, just the father to go now and all seven will the finished. Mother Egret was definitely the hardest piece of embroidery I have done so far, with all her fine feathers and finding the right colours in the white!


Spent today working on the three other baby Little Egrets, now all five are complete making a whole nest full of trouble!


At the beginning of the month, I started a new project. After hours and days of embroidering and what feels like weeks, I have finally finished two of the baby Little Egrets. I only have five more to go! Though thankfully I have done most of the hard work already and shouldn't take many more days to finish. My arm will be very happy to hear this!!!


Here is my hellebore flowers so far, leaves and stems tomorrow!


I was attracted by the beauty of this Hellebore flower this morning so decided to make it into a textile sculpture. Here's me working out the stages that go into making a single flower head...


Here I am still sewing away on my Rainbow Trout! The piece is defiantly coming together, the trout was tricky to recreate in fabric as you only see the trout for split seconds before it lands back in the water.  But I am defiantly really pleased with the effect I have created with all its scales and twisted body.

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