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Frog in my pond guarding their spawn.


My dog was very happy to go for a walk today, as the sun finally broke out this afternoon. We also made friends this with this Raven who bobbed along behinds us for a short while!!!


Wild Boar became extinct in Britain over 4oo years ago through habitat loss and extensive hunting. Since the early 1990s escaped or deliberately released farmed Wild Boar have re-established themselves in the wild in the South West. With no natural predator there were concerns over the population in the area as they soon made their presence known by rooting up farmland, woodlands, grass verges, as well as mating with domestic pigs and the occasional confrontation with domestic dogs, walkers and ramblers.

They soon gained the classification of a dangerous wild animal, a category that also includes Tasmanian devils, death adders and Brazilian wolf spiders. I can't help feeling that this is extreme as the Wild Boar is nocturnal and has become very shy in nature after being poached to near extinction. Like most animals, only when scared, or their young threatened, will they retaliate. Most animals given space will avoid conflict. Having wild animals teaches us both empathy and resp...


Every day this poor Buzzard gets bombarded by Crows and Rooks and today is no different.


This cheeky pheasant fancied a mid-afternoon snack on some kale growing in the veg garden. He has quite a walk!!!


Got up super early this morning to see the sunrise on Bodmin Moor, I arrived when it was still dark and spent some time exploring the old mine shafts before the sun finally burst through.


Took some time today to walk on the Cornish coast, whilst sat in my favourite spot I noticed this bass in a rock pool!!! Not to miss an opportunity I clambered down to take these photos before the fish jumped back into the sea.


I've been trying to get a shot of this elusive bird to work out what species has been flitting about in the willow. It has only taken me a week to get these shots!!! After closer inspection and listening to bird chorus, I've identified them as Chiffchaffs.


Just seen this strange bird in the cow field next to where I live. After looking through my 'Bird of Britain Guide' and not finding it, I hit the internet to find it's a female 'Brown Headed Cowbird'!!! Not British at all but from the USA and Mexico, shes a long way from home...


First sight of the new born swallows!!!


The River Tamer is full of life and is one of my favourite places to visit, as I always see something new. Whist kayaking along the river I saw movement at the water's edge. As I drifted with the current, I floated towards what I could now see were waters voles. They seemed to be half floating on the water, but on closer inspection they were on mounds poking up above the water. One vole stretched up to pick a blackberry as the other sat eating.

A number of techniques and mediums were used in the creation of this piece. The background is fabric painted and embroidered, the water voles, earth, leaves and blackberries was achieved through quilting, appliqué, painting, embroidery and beading.


A pair of buzzards are nesting at the bottom of my garden, unfortunately I can't get to see the nest, but here are two photos of the buzzards.


The swallows have finished making their nest and are now sitting on their eggs, it won't be long and I might be able to their young.


On the way back from the framers, I noticed my local post box has been taken over by local birds! Love this!!!


Whilst walking around my garden I was happy to see the frogs were back again for another year, if a little earlier. It has really inspired me and I have some great ideas for future pieces and can't wait to start!

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