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How To Create An Embroidered 3D Peacock Butterfly

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Learn how to create your very own embroidered 3D Peacock Butterfly from scratch. I'm Nicole Lupton a textile wildlife artist based in Cornwall. I've been a professional artist for nine years and an artist for 16. I have a first-class arts degree and my works have been published three times in British Vogue, Be Creative and Stitch magazines, to name a few. I sell my artworks worldwide and you can find all my artworks on my website "NSL Textile Art" In this course, you will learn all the skills and techniques to embroider a 3D peacock butterfly, based on my pattern provided in the course. I will start by showing you all the materials you need, and then how to transfer the pattern onto the fabric. Next, I will teach you fabric painting skills and my favourite way to embroider by machine. Then I will share with you how to bring your butterfly to life with some textured hand embroidery and then how to make your butterfly three-dimensional. We will finish by adding some fine detailing ready to display. By the end, you will be able to embroider your very own three-dimensional peacock butterfly. No sewing skills are required. I will demonstrate and talk you through all the steps. All you need is a basic sewing machine with knowledge on how to use it, some fabric paints, embroidery threads, scissors, needle, wire, a hoop and a few other small items. So join me on this sewing journey and together we will bring your very own Peacock butterfly to life.

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