Dawns Early Mist on Sparrows Plenty

Dawns Early Mist on Sparrows Plenty

Early one morning I arose to see the Cornish hills outside my window thick in a grey blanket of fog. As the sun burned through the fog, a mist seemed to rise from the hill revealing the vibrate green found on Cadsonbury Fort. Undeterred by the weather a fledgeling sparrow found sanctuary on a Valeriana Officinalis, where it found an abundance of food. Soon it was followed by its mother who landed on an opposite stem, her beak packed full of Valeriana seed. I watched in amazement as the two struggled to stretch towards each other, never quite reaching with their weight bending and shaking the plant, sending seed into the mist. Finally, the fledgeling took one last leap of faith and spread out its wings, reaching it' mother and her parcel of food.


This inspired this piece of work where I used a combination of fabric painting, machine and hand embroidery, quilting and three-dimensional techniques. These techniques create the different textures from the delicate flower buds yet to bloom to the super soft young feathers of the sparrows. Unfortunately, the three-dimensional relief doesn't show particularly well in the photos, so please take a look at the depth of the piece to get an idea of the overall effect.


Measures:            In Frame:
Height: 76cm     Height: 81cm
Width: 95cm      Width: 100cm
Depth: 2cm         Depth: 4.5cm


This piece has been professionally framed, with a white mount and white wood box frame, with glass. It is ready to hang.


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    ©2019 created by Nicole Lupton (copyright includes all artwork, photos and text)

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