One Greedy Water Vole

One Greedy Water Vole

Water Voles are one of the most unfussy creatures and will pretty much eat any vegetation, seed, stick or root, they even eat the occasional frog! This piece is one in a set of three water vole pieces capturing the diversity of their diet. Here a greedy vole has stuffed its face full of aquatic vegetation and fauna. So full infact, it can barely hold it all in its mouth!


A number of techniques and mediums were used in the creation of this piece. The background is fabric painted and the water vole and vegetation were achieved through quilting, applique, free hand embroidery, three dimensional techniques. These techniques create the different textures from the soft warm fur to the rippled water.


Measures:            In Frame:
22cm      Height: 32cm
22cm       Width: 32cm
Depth: 2.5cm     Depth: 3.5cm


This piece has been professionally framed, with a white mount and white box frame, with glass. It is ready to hang.