The Wild Birch Wood Boar

The Wild Birch Wood Boar

As a child, I grew up in the New Forest where young Silver Birch forests were a plenty. As the seasons changed and Autumn arrived, they would burst full of colour from bright burning oranges to vivid rich yellows. Contrasting with the Silver Birch bark with its smooth but at times knobbly bark.

Startled by a snap of a branch a young Boar stands at full alert looking to see who is there.  He smells the air with his large wet snout as his trotters sink well into the amber carpet of fallen silver birch leaves. This piece evokes the glorious spirit and ancient UK woodlands, as well as raising the question whether the majestic Boar should be allowed in our woodlands today after becoming extinct in the 17th century.

A number of techniques and mediums were used in the creation of this piece. The background is fabric painted, the Boar, leaves, branch and tree was achieved through quilting, appliqué, painting and embroidery. These techniques create the different textures from the long bristly fur of the Boar to the crisp dried autumn leaves. Unfortunately, the three-dimensional relief doesn't show particularly well in the photos, so please take a look at the depth of the piece to get an idea of the overall effect


Measures:            In Frame:
Height: 71cm      Height: 89cm
Width: 46cm      Width: 52cm
Depth: 4cm        Depth: 7cm


This piece has been professionally framed, with a charcoal mount and black wood grain box frame, with glass. It is ready to hang.

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    ©2019 created by Nicole Lupton (copyright includes all artwork, photos and text)

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