Tug Of War

Tug Of War

Perched on a branch overhanging the river, two sibling kingfishers fight in a game of tug of war. The prize a freshly caught fish. With neither giving way they pull and tug, stretching the fish as far as it will go. As a last ditch attempt, the male kingfisher puts all its weight back and flaps his wings for the extra pull.


A number of techniques and mediums were used in the creation of this piece. The background is fabric painted and the Kingfisher, fish and branch were achieved through quilting, appliqué, painting and embroidery. These techniques create the different textures from the soft feathers of the Kingfisher to the knotted branch.


Measures:             In Frame:
Height: 26cm      Height: 32cm
Width: 26cm      Width:32cm
Depth: 2cm         Depth: 3.5cm


This piece has been professionally framed, with a white mount and white wood box frame, with glass. It is ready to hang.


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    ©2019 created by Nicole Lupton (copyright includes all artwork, photos and text)

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