Wild Beauty

Wild Beauty

This piece is being exhibited at Cotehele Gallery (Nation Trust), if you are interested in purchasing this piece please email me first at nsl.lupton@googlemail.com


At the very of top Sheepstor of the edge of Dartmoor, a single Raven sits happily looking at the vast undulating tors of the Moor. With its wild untouched beauty, the Raven can rest out of the reach of the persecution. I sat with him for a while in the tranquillity the moors offers, before heading on with my journey. This curious and intelligent Raven hopped along behind me for a while before our path together ended and we both carried on alone.


A number of techniques and mediums were used in the creation of this piece. The background is fabric painted and embroidered, the Raven and rocks were achieved through quilting, appliqué, painting and embroidery. These techniques create the different textures from the soft warm feathers of the Raven to the weathered rocks. Unfortunately, the three-dimensional relief doesn't show particularly well in the photos, so please take a look at the depth of the piece to get an idea of the overall effect.


Measures:         Framed:    
Height: 40cm    Height: 54.5cm
Width: 76cm     Width: 90.5cm
Depth: 2cm       Depth: 3.5cm


This piece is framed in a white wood grain frame with a white mount and is ready to hang.

    What to pay monthly?
    Installment payments available upon request, just email:

    ©2019 created by Nicole Lupton (copyright includes all artwork, photos and text)

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