• Nicole Lupton

Making of a Hawk Eyed Moth

A few months ago I created 'The Dark Knight and The Hawk Eyed Moth', I received some great feedback and have since decided to create the moth as a sculpture 'The Hawk Eyed Moth'.

Available to buy on website along with more photos. (http://www.nsltextileart.co.uk/#!a-hawk-eyed-moth/cdtr)

I have often found inspiration in the depths of my garden and the surrounding countryside. I am lucky to have a wide variety of insects and animals, one of which is the Hawk Eyed Moth, an unusually large moth for the UK. Often found in the evenings feasting on the nectar, if a bat swooped past, the moth spreads its wing revealing the bright eyes on its wings scaring the bat off. I have captured this moment in time by creating this three dimensional textile sculpture of the moth spreading it's wings.

I have made this moth to life size measurements 8cm wide X 7.5cm long X 2cm high. It is made using cotton, organza, embroidery threads, cord and wire. The underneath is signed like all my pieces of work. I can be used as a centre piece in displays or easily adapted to a brooch or fashion accessory.

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