• Nicole Lupton

It's Not Long Now!!!

With less than a month to my open studio, there is still a mountain of work for me to complete to get my studio ready for the public. As you may know, I’m moving my studio space from the snug in the house to a converted barn across the way, which is super exciting!

My new studio space has plenty of light with eight windows and plenty of room for my plethora of sewing equipment, threads, fabric and art materials. Its just a case of organising the space so it works for me and moving it all. Which I have started, but anyone who has ever moved house will know you always have more than you remember! I am starting to wonder how I fitted it all into the old studio space. At the moment I am split between the two spaces which is less than convenient, but I’ve got big plans to make my new studio amazing to share with you. If you like you can follow my progress on Facebook and Instagram.

So when can you see my studio and what can you expect?

'Drawn To The Valley's Open Studio' starts on Saturday 22nd September- Sunday 30th September and I will be in my studio space daily from 10:00 am- 5:00 pm. I am close to several other artists including Clare Law and Anthea Lay so why not make a trip of it? You can check out further details by following the link https://drawntothevalley.co.uk/events/detail/open-studios-2018/

there you can download a brochure of all the studios (I'm number 9).

For those that have visited my old studio space, you know I live a bit in the sticks, so be prepared for narrow country lanes! It is these lanes that bring you to a little piece of heaven, lush and green, full of wildlife and where I draw my inspiration. It is a true insight into my life as an artist, you will see where I create best, with fresh air, great light and surrounded by nature. I find it is where my creativity flows and I would love to share it with you.

I am hoping to have new works for you to see and purchase before they head to galleries and shows, including the works that I am sending to The Royal Opera Arcade Gallery in Pall Mall London (these won't be available to purchase as they are reserved for London, but a chance to see them if you can't go to the exhibition in October).

I am also planning on creating a piece over the open studio week, so it will be a great chance to see the working process behind the art, with the added bonus of looking through my sketches and designs. I will have all this on show, as well as the opportunity to buy original works and a new collection of limited edition prints and cards.

Look forward to seeing you!

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