• Nicole Lupton

Leap Frog

This piece was inspired by the Common Frogs found in my garden pond. They come back each year to spawn, the noise of croaking throats fill the air for many days and nights. Whilst siting on a bench over looking the pond I observed a spectacular sight of frog gymnastics. This piece shows one male frog leaping off a reed as he sees a female, in doing so he bellows his blue throat. This sends the reed up and out of the water with the other two frogs resting beside him up into the air. As they cling to the reed their legs sprawl and for a few seconds manage to hold on until finally they slowly fall back into the water with a splash.

A number of techniques and mediums were used in the creation of this piece. The background is fabric painted with detailing achieved through embroidery.The frogs and reed are partly three dimensional through quilting and applique with has been both fabric painted and embroidered.

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