• Nicole Lupton

Beneath The Surface

'Beneath The Surface' Finished and SOLD. A hungry Otter sits peacefully at the side of a river bank anticipating what today's catch will instal. A ripple appears on the surface of the water and within seconds the Otter dives into the river. In doing so a flurry of the action unfolds, the Salmon disperse in a frantic panic to avoid the grasp of the Otter. While the agile Otter has launched its sight onto one specific Salmon, flipping its body around and swimming as hard as possible to get its meal. The Otters naturally water resistant coat has trapped many bubbles in its fur, as the light is reflected from the surface above, the Otters fur is given a display of silver bubbles and rippling light. With the Otters struggle to catch the fish, the many bubbles that were trapped are now released rapidly into the current. For more info check it out on my website at www.nsltextileart.co.uk/beneaththesurface

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