• Nicole Lupton

Top Five Tips For Choosing Art For Your Home

Art is one of the best ways to express yourself, it is a great talking point and will make any home feel more cosy and welcoming. But how do you choose the right art for your home? Here five top tips to get you started!

1: Putting art in the right place it can make all the difference. It can accentuate the height or length of the wall making the room feel larger. If you have a long horizontal wall choose a long horizontal piece or collection of smaller pieces. If you have a narrow vertical spot, choose a narrow piece that fills the space. 2: By placing art on the most visible and important wall in a room it can make a bigger impact. The art you bring into your home is important to you so give it room to shine. Above a mantle is a great place as your eye is drawn to it and it is often one of the first areas you notice in a room. 3: Don’t be afraid to use the entire wall! Many people think that it can be overwhelming, but done right it makes a great talking point with guests and can bring a whole interior together.

4: The period of you home doesn't have to dictate what style of art you buy. Contemporary art can be wonderful in a traditional setting and often has an impact on a room that a more traditional piece wouldn't have.

5: Putting the right colours in the right room can change the mood of your home. Light blues and greens are cool, serene colours that are well suited for a room meant for rest and relaxation. Whereas deep bold colours are stronger and have a way of drawing a visitor in. These pieces are great in a living room, dining room or kitchen where we invite conversation and entertainment. Tip number six, break all the rules and do what you want! It's your home!!!

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